Name of Deceased Kind of Order Date Recorded Book Page
Adamson, Thomas Decree letting account & Final Distribution 9-Nov-1941 Misc I 257
Albert, Julis F. Decree letting account & Final Distribution 3-Nov-1941 Misc I 232
Allen, Andrew Order Confirming Sale or Real Estate & Personal Misc C 529
Allen, Andrew Report of Commissions  6-Oct-1909 Misc E 82
Allen, Andrew  Report of Commissions  19-Oct-1909 Misc E 76
Allen, Richard N. Decree of Settlement & Distribution 20-Jun-1934 Misc H 372
Anderson, Andrew  Order confirming sale 15-Oct-1913 Misc F 32
Anderson, Andrew L. Decree of settling Accounts & Final Distribution 15-Jun-1953 Misc J 175
Anderson, Andrew L. Decree of settling Accounts & Final Distribution 25-Aug-1953 Misc J 185
Anderson, David Order Confirming Sale 22-Oct-1947 Misc I 447
Anderson, Elizabeth W Decree determining Title of 1 12-Jul-1955 Misc J 263
Anderson, Eugene H. Decree Settleing Account & Final Distribution 7-Dec-1948 Misc I 478
Anderson, Francis Price Decree of Distribution 4-Jan-1913 Misc E 589
Anderson, Francis Price Report of Commissions  4-Jan-1913 Misc E 591
Anderson, George Decree Settleing Final Account & of Distribution 28-Dec-1945 Misc I 356
Anderson, Hannah E Decree of settling Accounts & Final Distribution 15-Jun-1953 Misc J 175
Anderson, John Weber Order Allocating & Appointing First & Final Account & Distribution 5-Jan-1946 Misc I 357
Anderson, Maria Williams Morris Decree of Settlement & Distribution 19-Sep-1935 Misc H 436
Anderson, Maricsus Decree of Distribution 2-Dec-1937 Misc I 64-66
Anderson, Marinur Letter Testamentary 23-Jul-1927 Misc G 469
Anderson, N. Dean Decree of Distribution 16-Feb-1937 Misc H 550
Anderson, Rasmus Decree of Settlement Misc D 534
Anderson, Swen Order Confirming Sale of R&E 19-May-1909 Misc D 539
Anderson, Swen Order of correction 14-Aug-1909 Misc D 557
Anderson, Swen Order of Confirming Sale Misc D 594
Anderson, Swen Order Correcting Error of land in Desc 6-Oct-1909 Misc E 220
Anderson, Swen Order Confirming & Anhonging 29-May-1911 Misc E 227
Anderson, Swen Order for hearing petition to enforce contract of decident Misc E 228
Andreson, Dan  Confirming Sale to whom it may concern 2-Apr-1949 Misc I
Andreson, James M. Dre. Order Confirming Sale 22-Sep-1928 Misc G 536
Andrew, Nephi s Decree letting account & Final Distribution 22-Nov-1941 Misc I 234
Andrews, Guarh… Order confirming sale 3-Feb-1914 Misc F 55
Arbon, George Decree of Distribution 26-May-1922 Misc G 137
Arbon, Moroni Decree determining hership Community Property 1-Mar-1954 Misc J 208
Archibald, William Petition Determining Hierchy  7-Apr-1945 Misc I 336
Armstrong, Francis Order Confirming Sale Misc C 485
Arnett, Louella C. Decree of Distribution 29-Jul-1920 Misc G 56
Aschcroft, James L. Decree of Settlement & Distribution 4-Dec-1923 Misc G 225
Ashton, Hyrum & Emma Order Confirming Sale 10-Nov-1943 Misc I 283
Ashton, William Decree Determining Hierchy 11-Mar-1947 Misc I 424
Atkinson, Alfred Decree Determining Hierchy 27-Feb-1951 Misc J 57
Atkinson, Charles W. Decree determining hership   12-Aug-1955 Misc J 268
Austine, P.W. Agreement to arbitrate award itc Five Mile Creek Misc C 78