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Malad Idaho Stake Centennial 1888-1988  Early Malad Businesses From 1864-1897 Linda Fredrickson
Malad Idaho Stake Centennial 1888-1988 Prominent People From Malad Valley listed in Book:

Andersen, Ladell    ( 1929-    )
Bowen, Albert E     (1875-1953)
Daniels, Daniel        (1807-1879)
Evans, John V         (1925-    )
Gabbott, Mabel J    (1910-2004)
Harris, Devere         (1916-2006)
Jardine, James          (       -1924)
Jardine, William       (1849-1912)
Jones, Irene             (1898-1968)
Osmond, Olive D     (1925-2004)
Peck, Henry             (1823-1889)
Stephens, Evan         (1854-1930)
Thomas, Benjamin    (1820-1887)
Thomas, Emeline W  (1856-    )
Williams, Joe  R.       (   )
Woozley, Edward     (1902-1995)

Linda Fredrickson

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David R. Jones



1880 Soundex Census Card

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